Alfie’s Law Foundation interview – friends of pets in need

Alfie’s Law Foundation interview – friends of pets in need
Pause first heard about Alfie’s Law Foundation on twitter. We were very intrigued as we’ve noticed there are many supporters on Alfie’s campaign. So we’ve decided to investigate. And soon we understood why;  not only does Alfie’s Law Foundation campaign to improve laws and legislation on animal welfare, they also help raise money for small charities and individual pets in need. At Pause we are a supporter of Alfie’s Law campaigns.  We also think it’s a nice, unique touch to have Alfie to lead the campaign as a spokesperson, giving the animal “a voice”.
Ellie the founder of Alfie’s Law and Alfie himself spoke to us a bit more about Alfie’s Law Foundation and told us what Alfie got up to in his past:
1. What is the inspiration that made you start the Alfie’s Law Foundation?
     Alfie’s Law Foundation was launched following the success of a campaign we ran to raise awareness of animal cruelty in the UK “Alfie’s Law”. The response was amazing & we received so many links to cruelty stories that we were shocked to see just how serious & widespread this problem is.
    Alfie gained a huge following of supporters on twitter and many were asking what we could do after the campaign ended in May this year to continue raising awareness of this issue and help animals that were in desperate need. We carried out some research of what was needed & the Foundation was introduced at the end of May much to the delight of or supporters.
2. What do you think is the main difference between Alfie’s Law Foundation and the other foundations in the UK?

Alfie’s Law Foundation

is unique as it raises funds for small rescue and individuals/carers of pets in need. It also campaigns for improved legislation and laws for animal welfare. There is also a team of advisors who regularly monitor local and social media for stories of cruelty, abuse and neglect so we can raise these with MP’s etc. Our advisors will also make the decisions on applications for assistance so that these awards are made fairly around the country and upon merit. We also have related links on our website and highlight other causes & petitions regarding the welfare of animals large or small.    

alfie's law foundation

3. Can you explain how will Alfie’s Change petition help the animals? Where to go to sign up?
    The petition is also a campaign to raise awareness of the links between animal cruelty, other criminal offences & interpersonal violence. Currently there is no one legally responsible for the welfare of animals, as the animal welfare act puts the responsibility on owners rather than the law. This means that unlike other crimes animal cruelty is not overseen by the Crown Prosecution Service and can only be brought to court via private prosecution. There isn’t even an option to go to Crown Court for more serious offences. Alfie’s Law would provide an opportunity for tougher sentences and better recording for Police to track offenders.
4. How can people get involved and help?
     We welcome any support and help that people can give. You can get involved by displaying a poster or handing out flyers to help raise awareness. We also have wristbands & pet bandanas for sale on our website (click here) which are great for raising awareness but also raising money for the foundation. Events such as coffee mornings or dog walks are also fun ways of making friends while supporting the foundation.


Alfie's Law Foundation interview


5. We love Alfie! Can you give us a run down of what he gets up to in a day?

      Alfie has a huge personality and loads of energy, he starts his day with a run over the fields meeting and greeting anyone willing to say hello followed by his breakfast. He then checks his twitter, facebook & e mails (yes he is very busy).

      Afternoons usually involve a game of flyball & chasing pigeons except for Hoppy a friendly wood pigeon with only one foot that comes to get food, Alfie realises that he needs caring for and allows him to visit the garden. Alfie also likes to keep an eye on our 2 rescue cats just in case they decide to sit on his favourite spot.

      After another walk/run across the fields or walkway he catches up on his twitter pals before dinner. Evenings are normally relaxing but he does like to get everything out of his toy box to inspect before he gets tired usually around 9pm when he chooses a teddy and chew to head off to bed with.

6. What are the future plans for Alfie’s Law Foundation?
     We have so many plans for the future but our main priority is to get the foundation recognised as a support to pets in need. We plan to get out and about as much as possible and talking to those who can help us make the changes required to protect our pets. Keeping up with the awareness of animal cruelty is also a crucial part of our plan and working in collaboration with others to provide a strong network of people with the same objectives of finding ways to reduce the number of cruelty cases.

     Alfie’s Law Foundation would like to see responsible pet ownership and support those who are facing genuine hardship so they can maintain a healthy pet and relationship.

Alfie's Law Foundation

Pause hopes that you learnt a lot more about Alfie’s Law Foundation and enjoyed the interview. We have signed the petition already. If you feel strongly about it too, you could help Alfie by signing the petition and support Alfie’s Law. Also visit their website, and Facebook page to read more about Alfie’s Law and connect with Alfie and Ellie.
Pause would like to thank Ellie and Alfie for the insightful and also fun interview and also would like to thank Jayne for co-ordinating the interview as well.

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