Anastassia Elias – upcycled miniature toilet roll art

Anastassia Elias – upcycled miniature toilet roll art

Anastassia Elias-  toilet roll art

What do we normally do with our toilet paper rolls after we finished with them? Most of us that don’t have rabbits, hamsters, gerbils or guinea pigs probably just put them in a recycling bin. Anastassia Elias is a French painter, illustrator, collage artist and now she’s become well known for her toilet roll art.  Her Rouleaux project is where she builds her whimsical miniature worlds using recycled toilet paper rolls. She depicts a variety of scenes ranging from everyday life to the animal world. She constructs the scenes by attaching tiny paper cutouts to the walls with tweezers and glue and backlights the tubes to create more atmosphere, movement and shadows.


anastassia elias toilet roll art




“I cut the small paper shapes that I stick inside the toilet paper rolls,” explains Elias. ”I use tweezers to manipulate the paper shapes. I select the paper of the same color as the roll. It gives the illusion that the paper figures make part of the roll. I need few hours to make one piece.”

anastassia elias toilet roll art








Anastassia has certainly upcycled the humble toilet paper roll into whimsical miniature worlds that are a very unique form of art. You can see more of Anastassia’s work here; there are some illustrations as well as collages.

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