Animal shaped buildings around the world

Animal shaped buildings around the world

Happy Monday! (Uch….welll as happy as anyone can be on a Monday).

Today we take you around the world to visit animal shaped buildings. We were researching through the internet for the most comprehensive lists. Hope you will enjoy our 

Animal Shaped Buildings photo collection

Cat Cabin Resort, Cat Island


Images via TOFUGU

animal shaped building

Images via TOFUGU


 Images via Zoomingjapan

We start off with where we love to go on our holiday  “Cat Island,” officially known as “Tashiro Island” (田代島), is an island near Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture. The Cat Cabin Resort (little bungalows) are for the guests that want to stay on the Island and frolic with the cats. Images via TOFUGU

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier – Karlsruhe, Germany

Kindergarten Wolfartsweier – Karlsruhe, Germany

animal shaped building


Kindergarten Wolfartsweier – Karlsruhe, Germany VIA Designtaxi

 This cat building is the Kindergarten Wolfartsweier in Karlsruhe, Germany, must enjoy themselves. We would have loved to go to this school.Created by artist Tomi Ungerer and d’Ayla-Suzan Yöndel. Read more at Designtaxi

The Big Chicken, KFC restaurant – Marietta, Georgia

animal shaped buildings

 Image via Village of Joy

Big Duck, Flanders, Long Island, New York

duck building

 Via I09

Lucy the Elephant – Margate, New Jersey


 Image via Flavorwire


Lucy’s belly, image via fotoedge

The Toad Inn – Santa Monica Canyon, California

toad inn

 Image via Flavorwire

Shark Bar, Perm, Russia

shark bar

Image via Village of Joy

 Giant Muskie, Hayward, Wisconsin

giant musky

Image via Ellerg

National Fisheries Development Board Regional Office Building – Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, India

National Fisheries Development Board Regional Office Building

Image via 9bytz

Macau Pavilion – Shanghai World Expo, China

macau pavilion rabbitImage via

Heisei Animal Hospital – Nagoya, Japan

heisei animal hospital

Image via Heisei Animal Hospital

Dog Bark Inn, Cottonwood, Idaho

dog bark park inn

Image via Purpletravel


Image via Unusalhotelsoftheworld

The Dog and Sheep Buildings – Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand

sheep building

Image via Strange Buildings

big dog building

Image via Strange Buildings

Elephant Building (Chang Building), Bangkok

elephant building

Out of all the animal shaped buildings, we think this one is the most abstract building. Image via

Casa Caracol, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

shell building

Image via  Casa Caracol/Facebook

Nautilus House, Mexico City, Mexico

nautilus house

Image via Arquitectura Organica


Image via Arquitectura Organica

Whale House, Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Image via Arquitectura Curiosa

The Turtle – Niagara Falls, USA

the turtle building

Image via Village of Joy

Florida Church in Floria, USA

bird church

 Image via ibtimes 

Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn, Australia


Image via Liveeverylastminute

Bulldog Cafe, Florida, USA

bulldog cafe

Image via Ohio Barns

Whale House in Emu Park, Australia

whale house

Image via John Douglas

Grasshopper’s Dream Café – Gujeol-ri Station, Korea


 Image via Web urbanist

Elephant House – Lagos, Nigeria

elephant house lagos


Image via Web urbanist

Aquarium, Kartini Beach, Indonesia

giant turtle aquarium

Image via The very best top 10

Worlds biggest cow and is located near Wauchope, Australia

cow building

Image via The very best top 10

 We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive selection, thank you to the sources below we collated as many animal shaped buildings as possible. If you seen any relevant ones to go on the list, please leave the comment.

VIA Web urbanist, Flavorwire, io9The very best top 10


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