Animals Taking Selfies – New Ad Campaign From National Geographic

Animals Taking Selfies – New Ad Campaign From National Geographic

Selfies are a part of our modern, connected society and new ways of taking them emerge everyday from the Cat Selfies app to Sellotape selfies.  Now we have animals taking selfies. National Geographic have partnered with Brazilian agency Diomedia to create their latest advertising campaign featuring wild animals taking selfies in the bathroom mirror.

Selfie_National_Geographic-6 Animals Taking Selfies

Selfie_National_Geographic-5 Animals Taking Selfies

They started with simple concept sketches, then two months of planning and shooting.  After some serious photo manipulation, we have an adorable and powerful ad campaign.




“There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there,” directing people to find the best photos on National Geographic, taken by professional photographers.

Animals Taking Selfies

The message from Art Director Silvio Medeiros of Cargo Collection is:

“The whole idea is to show people that even during “selfies” and “instagram” fever, decent images can still be produced. Now that anybody has access to mobile phones with good cameras, we can all be photographers.”

Selfie_National_Geographic-2 Selfie_National_Geographic-3


Selfie_National_Geographic-7 Selfie_National_Geographic-8


See more on Diomedia Instagram.

Via Business Insider, Where Cool Things Happen


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