Archibird – Bird Cage Coffee Table by Gregory Lafforest

Archibird – Bird Cage Coffee Table by Gregory Lafforest

How beautiful is the design of the Archibird – Bird Cage Coffee Table by Gregory Lafforest? The console is designed to be a bird cage an in between sculpture and furniture. We are quite practical here at Pause though, not sure we’ll cope with the aroma drinking coffee on that table. We are coffee snob as well so we definitely don’t want a floater coffee anytime soon. Saying that the bird cafe coffee table is so sleek with clean lines and is a really exciting design concept. Those birds in the pictures are real and they feed on the pellets and drinking from the pond. drinking from a teensy pond. You can see Archibird by Gregory Lafforest at Gallery Gosserez in Paris.

Gregory Lafforest


Here’s what Gregory Lafforest said on Gallery Gosserez‘s site about his work:

Archibird is a console – bird cage, in between a sculpture and a furniture.
The original idee was to design a bird cage which shape would radically renew traditional codes, and to integrate it in the furniture, by mixing it with a console. Therefore birds would be theatrelised, as if on a stage.
The glass domes are a reference to stuffed animals. They also refer to the curiosity cabinets of the past. The design main intention has been the drive for lightness, for instance the bottom part of the cage is like suspended to the steel rods (in reality it is supported by the tree branch). The legs are also shaped to achieve this aerial feeling. Its purity gives an idealized vision of nature.




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  1. where can we buy this bird cage, is for sale as trade ?

    • You can see where to go to see it at a gallery in Paris the link is at the bottom.


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