Call For Audition For A New Poopy Cat Dolls Diva

Call For Audition For A New Poopy Cat Dolls Diva

A while back we featured Poopy Cat – the complete litter tray system – with the unforgettable Poopy Cat Dolls Music Video. Now there is breaking news: Poopy Cat Grace will be leaving to do a duet album with Justin Bieber. Here is the screen shot of the cat fight on twitter.

“We’re holding open auditions, so any cat is welcome to send in a video. Needless to say, applicants need purrfect pitch and be furry graceful.” Audition videos can be uploaded on the Poopy Cat Facebook page. This is the chance for any cat to become the diva that he or she already is. The group’s previous video was the viral hit: “Do you want my purr purr?” that was picked up around the world. The success brought out clashing egos within the group, as shown in this conversation that openly took place on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 15.26.40

So now there is an opening for a new Poopy Cat Doll. Is your kitty the natural diva? Submit your kitty diva on the Poopy Cat Dolls audition.

How to submit your cat on the Poopy Cat Dolls audition

Poopy Cat Dolls Audition
Submit a video of your diva cat singing along with “Do you want my purr purr”. Print out the microphone and stick in on card board and put something yummy (maybe WEBBOX CATS DELIGHT LICK-E-LIX WITH SALMON 5 X SACHETS
- our cat’s obsession) on the back of the card to make it even more convincing and shoot your video.
Poopy Cat Doll Mic
The winning cat cat gets a professional photoshoot and will be the on the new Poopy Cat Doll poster!

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