Barks and Bunnies – Special treats for dogs and luxury stay for bunnies

Barks and Bunnies – Special treats for dogs and luxury stay for bunnies

Barks and Bunnies is a new, first-class dog biscuit maker, dog walker and luxury rabbit boarding company which has been launched this month. We are very excited to meet them on twitter. All of their dog treats have been approved by a leading pet nutrition consultancy. The company use “Forage box” packaging to send out the dog treats; the boxes can be reused as a toy  for either dogs or rabbits. With their beautiful branding, carefully hand-crafted, healthy dog treats, Luxury rabbit boarding, plus super-adorable dogs and bunnies, they are sure to make a big impression on the Pet lovers community.

Barks and Bunnies


The Forage Box


We love Barks and Bunnies’ philosophy:

“Animals come first, every time. They don’t have a voice and they rely on us to try to understand them and do everything we can for them to give them a wonderful life with us. At Barks & Bunnies everything we do is always with the animals at the forefront of our mind, if that means we have to sit down and imagine we are a dog or rabbit before coming up with a new product than that is what we do! ”



Barks and Bunnies Dog treats



Take a bow: Handmade, natural and healthy dog biscuits lovingly made with Cheese and Cranberry,


High Five: Handmade, natural and healthy dog biscuits lovingly made with Sweet Potato and Pea

Willow Lane Cottage – Luxury Rabbit Boarding

willowlanecottage slide

“The cottage is a converted 7′ x 5′ Wendy house spread over three floors and includes shallow ramps for any older or restricted mobility bunnies. Other features include a hidey-hole on the ground floor, three windows for them to survey their new outlook and is fully ventilated. It can also be heated in winter if exceptionally cold temperatures are forecast. Please note that this is outdoor accommodation so if your rabbit(s) are house rabbit(s) used to living with central heating the accommodation may not be suitable as a sudden changes in temperature can be dangerous for them.


“We also have an outdoor run available for your rabbit(s), they will only be placed in it with your consent and when we are available to supervise. The run is located on grass and will be relocated between each bunny’s holiday to ensure fresh grass for all our visitors.


“During their stay your rabbits will be provided with an unlimited supply of fresh hay that we source from a local farm. This can be complimented with a variety of more specialist hays such as Timothy or perhaps some Readigrass with your approval.



Click Barks and Bunnies to visit them and read more about them.

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