Bunny Binks Toys – Wooden toys designed for bunnies

Bunny Binks Toys – Wooden toys designed for bunnies

We’ve found Bunny Binks Toys through a friend on twitter. Bunny Binks Toys is an online store selling unique wooden toys that especially made for bunnies. The toys have no glues or paint and have been designed with the bunnies in mind.  Deborah the store owner, have her own bunnies are they are her toy technician to make sure that everything is safe and that they are happy.

Bunny Binks Toys

Bunny Binks Toys

Big Clunk Star Chewable, fun to fling about and makes a great clunk clickerty clack sound. Two natural wooden stars fitted snugly onto each end with another lose fitting star and 2 acrylic shapes that rattle up and down the 3” dowel.


Heart Clatter Rattle  Gorgeous and noisy!  Lots of rattling sounds that bunnies seem to love. Made from hard food grade paper rope, two natural wooden balls, two wooden heart shapes and three of the acrylic shapes. This toy is about 2.5″ in diameter. Go on treat your bunny rabbit!


Star Rattle Rings An all wooden rattle for your bunny to fling about and chew!  This fun dumbell is completely natural and as always is glue free, so very chewable!  With a wooden star shape fitted snugly onto each end of a wooden dowel, there are three wooden rings that slide up and down giving a fabulous rattling sound that your bunny will love when flinging about!  This dumbell is approximately 3″ in diameter.


Disco Ball This dumbell is easy for rabbits to pick up at either end and toss. It makes a lovely wooden clunking sound. Because it’s circular bunnies can have fun nudging it with their noses and watching it roll away. 3” wooden dowel, discs at either end and two wooden balls in the centre.


For the love of bunnies…

It’s down to my love of bunnies that I wanted to produce toys that had your rabbits welfare at heart.  All my toys are designed for the love of bunnies.  Understanding what delicate creatures they are with sensitive digestive systems I have made a point of not using glues or paints.  I have carefully sourced products for my toys that I believe are safe for your bunnies and mine.

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