Fun CardBoard Cat Playhouse That Will Keep Your Cats Entertained

Fun CardBoard Cat Playhouse That Will Keep Your Cats Entertained

We all know how much cats love cardboard boxes, so Suck UK CardBoard Cat Playhouse designed a range that is so much fun. They are printed and die cut into automobile shapes like tanks, cardillac and fire trunk. Also for those of you who love airplanes, you can get on in a fighter jet shape, amazing! We guess these are probably aimed at boys more than girls. But there is a slight token of femininity of the pink cardillac for this range. The CardBoard Cat Playhouse is made from cardboard, comes flat pack and requires assembly. Apparently these are better for kittens or smaller cats as they are not big enough for larger cats to jump through the smaller opening on top.

Suck UK CardBoard Cat Playhouse

CardBoard Cat Playhouse

Tank Cat Playhouse




 CardBoard Cat Playhouse

Plane Cat Playhouse



Tank Cat Playhouse



Catillac Cat Playhouse


Since the success of the automobile range Suck UK has launched a more grown-up version of the CardBoard Cat Playhouse. This mini range consists of Teepee and Cabin cat playhouse designed by Loyal Luxe. We preferred these two playhouses as they are more practical, stylish and bit larger than the original range. However that is just our preference because we are girls! Thee Teepee and Cabin would work well as a playhouse, hiding place and also a new favourite snoozing spot. These cardboard cat playhouses would be great for small animals like rabbits and Guinea pigs too.

CardBoard Cat Playhouse

Cabin Cat Playhouse


Teepee Cat Playhouse


Visit Suck UK Or Buy them here.  


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