Cat-on scratcher – beautiful environmentally friendly cat scratcher

Cat-on scratcher – beautiful environmentally friendly cat scratcher

How do you combined elegance with environmentally friendly cat scratcher? Cat-on (Scratcher) has achieved that in their amazing ranges of cat scratchers. Cat-on is made of sturdy corrugated cardboard which is what cats love to scratch the most. Some all the scratchers work as a lounger and bed as well. The scratchers comes in so many beautiful colours and printed patterns. Cat-on also offers custom design option to match your home decoration. What we love about the Cat-on scratcher the most is it’s made out of cardboard the which is irresistible for the cats but Cat-on still manage to provide that functionality with beautiful prints and design of the scratcher. We are so impressed. In fact we’ll probably would buy Talisker (our cat) one as she only scratches cardboard boxes and she does not scratch our furniture.

Cat-On Scratcher and Lounger

cat on scratcher

Cat sofa Le Canapé


New! Le Tonneau


Special Edition Le Tronc


Rond Point


Le Pain



cat-on® is setting a new trend for cats and lovers of stylish accessories for cats. So far, people with taste had to compromise their tastes if they wanted to offer their cat a good scratch post. Now there is the cat-on that combines beautiful design with the functionality of a piece of scratch furniture. The shapely scratch furniture is available in a variety of colors and patterns and can thus be easily adapted to existing facilities.


Le Tunnel



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