The Wonderful World of Ceramic Animals by Lisa Larson

The Wonderful World of Ceramic Animals by Lisa Larson

We recently discovered the wonderful world of ceramic animals by Lisa Larson. You know the feeling when you see a painting, artwork or sculpture that looks very familiar but you don’t know the name of the artist. First we fell in love with her fox ceramic figure, then we have to find out who the artist is.

Lisa and her cats 1959

Lisa Larson was born in 1931 in the south of Sweden. She studied at the College of Crafts and design in Gothenburg 1949-54. Then in 1953 she was employed by Gustavsberg porcelain, an established Swedish Porcelain Factory. At Gustavsberg Porcelain she got a chance to work under a influential ceramist, Stig Lindberg , who supported and encouraged her. She created hundreds of designs from ceramic wares to animal figurines during her 27 year at Gustavsberg. The whimsical, folksy ceramic animals by Lisa Larson are the products that made her world famous. During the 60s-70s she was a prominent PR figure for Gustavsberg.

Ceramic Animals By Lisa Larson


Ceramic Animals By Lisa Larson


Her most recognised ceramic animals range are the Lilla Zoo (Little Zoo) 1955 and Stora Zoo 1958. Lilla Zoo series features cats, a dachshund, a horse and  a fox. And the Stora Zoo series consists of a bulldog, cow and a donkey. Later in Larson’s career, she designed animal figurine sets to raise awareness for endangered species. Such ranges includes the Skasen Series which aims to help northern animals at risk.

1956 - 1978 serie lilla zoo cat

 Cat figure from the first collection of Larson’s Lilla Zoo 1955 

1960 - 1968 stora zoo bulldog  lisa_larson

 A bulldog figurine from the Stora Series 1958

1965 afrika series

Tiger from the Afrika Series 1959

1966 - 1976 series meenageri

 Rhino from the Maanageri series 1966

1971 -1977 jura series  isa Larson produced by Gustavsberg

 Camel from the Jura series 1971

1972 - 1983 series kennel 1

 Shih Tzu from the Kennel series 1972


1978 Lisa Larson skansen Fox

 Fox from The Skasen Series 1978

1978 Lisa Larson skansen

 Baby Seal from The Skasen Series 1978

Since 1980 she has worked as a freelance designer and sculptural artist. Lisa Larson and her colleagues Franco Nicolosi and Siv Solin founded the Gustavsberg Ceramic studio in 1992. Their studio has a small team that continues to produce traditional ceramics. Her legendary and unique style still inspires modern artists and ceramists Her work is sought after by antique collectors today.

Visit Lisa Larson Website for more information and shop for her ceramic animals.

Images via Animalarium and Design Vox


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