CleverPet – An Interactive Dog Game Console

CleverPet – An Interactive Dog Game Console

CleverPet is an interactive learning console that engages and trains your dog. Dogs were originally domesticated for working so when many modern dogs are left home alone, with little to do, they can get bored and lonely which can lead to destructive behaviour. CleverPet aims to create a smart console that will  help your dog learn while you are away from home. The console can keep your dog engaged and happy which can help eliminate negative behaviour. It also can help train your new dog to understand the that positive behaviour is rewarded. The level will get more challenging as your dog progresses. It adjusts levels in real time, based on your pet’s performance.

CleverPet 5


How CleverPet Works?

CleverPet uses cutting-edge algorithms based on behavioral science to reward your dog when he/she learns something new. It has three sensitive touch pads which are designed to respond to your dog’s nose or paw. The touch pads lights up to create interactive game in different levels which will reward your dog with food when he/she follow the instructions.

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CleverPet is automated and can be left on all day while you are at work. It also carries enough food to feed your dog while you are away for the day. It’s like a high-tech slow feeder combined with a game – a combination that we think sounds fun. As a slow feeder, it can also help keep your dog healthier. Another great feature is that you use their app to set a schedule and see you dog’s progresses in real time. And it seems like they also targeting this console to people who can hack and customise the games themselves too. The icing on the cake is definitely it’s sleek design.

Imagine “Lumosity for dogs.” 

Your dog will have a huge variety of interactive games to play. There are four levels to the game:

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Some level 4+ games you could teach your dog:

  • Quick reaction! The middle pad lights up … press it before it turns off! The time window will get shorter and shorter …
  • Notice the change! The pad stays yellow … and then it’s blue! When it’s blue, press it!
  • One of these lights is not like the other. All three pads light up. Two of them are one color, a third is another. Press the pad that’s different!
  • Doggie DDR! In order to get a treat, press the first button that’s lit up … then press the button that lights up next! As your dog gets better, the number of buttons she has to press in a row increases!

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Designed for dogs. Durable rubber touch pads; low center of gravity to prevent tipping; no “bitable” parts; a microphone for sensing dog barks.

Tuned to dogs’ senses. CleverPet is built to suit natural behaviors (for example pawing, nosing, and digging), and includes lights and sounds designed for your pet’s different abilities to see and hear.

Smart dog bowl. CleverPet can replace your dog’s food bowl. It holds enough food to feed most dogs until you get home. It’s compatible with a wide range of dry food sizes.

Completely autonomous. Sit back and let the algorithms do their thing. Fill the device with food, turn it on, and leave, knowing your dog is having fun and learning while you’re away.

Always ready. Pet interactions can happen all day, whether or not you’re home.

Remote monitoring. See your pet’s progress in real time through our website and app, and view summaries of your dog’s learning over time.

Take it slow. Feeds your dog slowly, a few pieces of food at a time.

Never boring. Adapts to your dog’s responses continuously to keep your pet challenged.

WiFi-connected. It can connect to other smart devices. Just imagine the possibilities!

Spark-powered. Hack much? It’s Arduino-compatible. Write your own custom code. We provide a RESTful API.

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