Coco Dog Walking Bag by Poppy And Rufus

Coco Dog Walking Bag by Poppy And Rufus
With summer weather like this, walking your dog is definitely the most pleasant it can be. Like us you might always have lots to carry, so we found the Coco Dog Walking Bag that can be your perfect Dog Walking companion.

Coco Dog Walking Bag by Poppy And Rufus

Coco dog walking bag

Poppy and Rufus name their Dog Walking bag Coco – a name that reminds us of the most stylish and elegant fashion. The Coco Dog Walking Bag has been designed especially for dog walking and it has lots of pockets and a flap to accommodate everything need for your walking trips. There are external pockets for poop bags, treats, phones and tissue. And on the inside there is plenty of room for a water bottle, purse, wet wipes or other bulky items.


Coco dog walking bag 2
Coco Lifestyle

The design is very sleek and subtle. The outer material is showerproof, soft-waxed cotton and it is lined with their bespoke “Little Rufus” fabric. Coco sits neatly against your side when only partly full and yet can cope with an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink handbag person too.  Not only is it well-designed, the bag is also practical. The leather strap can be detached so you can machine wash you bag. Coco Dog Walking Bag is certainly style with substance. So if you are looking for a perfect new Dog Walking Bag, this maybe the one.

 Coco Lifestyle 2


Coco dog walking bag 4


  • Showerproof, waxed cotton outer fabric by British Millerain, for all weather walking.
  • A fine, brown leather strap for urban elegance detaches from the bag for cleaning and our bespoke Irish linen woven canvas trim adds contemporary Country chic, both of which complement our signature grey fabric beautifully.
  • 2 front pockets; 1 for poop-bags and 1 for treats
  • 2 discrete front pockets allowing easy access with one hand, lined in our bespoke Little Rufus printed fabric. One larger pocket that lies naturally at hand/hip height to hold treats for an instant reward when reinforcing good behaviour. One smaller pocket designed to hold a roll of poop bags, or loose bags, snugly in place but always to hand. Both pockets pull inside out to keep them crumb and tissue free.
  • 2 back pockets, lined with bespoke printed fabric and with a secure magnetic closure, designed to allow easy access to a phone or other essentials, and hold a water bottle in place if using.
  • Roomy interior of main bag, lined in bespoke fabric and with a discrete magnetic button closure for one-handed access.
  • Fully machine washable.

Visit Poppy And Rufus to find out more about Coco Dog Walking Bag and see the full range of their Dog Travel Collection.



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