Daphne Neville – the woman who inspired Prince Harry and Prince William with her pets

Daphne Neville – the woman who inspired Prince Harry and Prince William with her pets

She is the woman who inspired Prince Harry and Prince William with her pets. Here is the story of how Daphane started her amazing journey to help conserve British Otters and how her actions have improved their living conditions.

daphne neville and her otters

Daphne is an actress, you might have seen her on Casualty and Diagnosis Murder. It all started because Daphne’s middle daughter wanted to save the otters from the dirty river. Daphne started caring for the otters in the 1980s. She has become well known for hand-rearing these otters in her home in Frampton Mansell for the past 20 years. Daphne goes to talk about otters and her own pet otters every week around the world to raise awareness about these sociable creatures.

daphne neville otters

“We take them to bed with us. They sleep on a towel with me and my husband on either side, so we can feed them every two hours from a bottle. When they open their eyes for the first time, they see us and think we are their parents.” said Daphne.

Here’s a video of Daphne Neville and her otters:

Daphne has already written an illustrated children’s book – first published in 1982, which has been republished recently – called Bee, a Particular Otter. OMG! How cute is the illustration?

Bee_a_particular_Otter_by_Daphne_Neville Bee, a Particular Otter

This lovely illustrated children’s book has a collection of amusing and educational true stories about Bee, Daphne’s first otter who even got to meet the Royals! She forgot about the book until she recently found it selling on eBay for £25.

“I thought that’s no good, I didn’t want it to be a collector’s item, I want it to be read by children so they can learn more about the otters and that’s why I decided to get it re-published. It is full of funny stories about Bee and knits in lots of educational information about the otters for curious young readers. Children will really enjoy it whilst also learning more about the animals.”

You can buy it here: Bee, a Particular Otter or contact Sophie (Daphne’s daughter to buy a copy)

otter Daphne Neville

Adapted from source: The Telegraph, Stroudnewsandjournal, Sophie Neville’s Website

Photos from: The Telegraph, Stroudnewsandjournal, Funnily Enough




  1. We have just found this post about my mother Daphne, who is sitting with me now! She says, ‘please can you remove the word ‘retired’ as she is still working as an actress. The Telegraph made an error in their article.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email. Many thanks, Sophie

    • I’ve updated the article to say that she is still an actress. Hope that is ok. Many thanks for reading.


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