Hagen Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain For Larger Dogs

Hagen Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain For Larger Dogs

Pet drinking fountains do not have to be flimsy plastic. While searching a stylish dog drinking fountain, we found the Hagen Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain. The Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. What we love about this Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain is the design – it’s contemporary, sleek but still robust. So it’s suitable for larger dogs. The fountain unit will suit most home decor, unlike some ghastly plastic contemporaries. It reminds us a bit of a water fountain in a Zen garden and it would also add an air of tranquility on your patio, yard, or even living room.

Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain

Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain

Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain gives a continuous supply of fresh, clean drinking water for your dogs. The fountain is elevated so it is better suited to medium or large dogs. It is also illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights to ensure that your pooch can easily get a drink at night. According to one review, the fountain can provide enough water supply for two large dogs.  If you have a puppy, to ensure that it is safe, you need to hide the cables away.


Key Features:

  •  For outdoor or indoor use
  •  Illuminated for night-time visibility
  •  Elevated Design: provides a more comfortable drinking position; ideal for large breeds, older dogs, or dogs with muscle and joint problems
  •  Re-circulating system : Cools and aerates water; eliminates stale, stagnant water
  •  Multi-Stage Filtration: Collects debris, food, hair and sediment; helps absorb water impurities.
  •  Outdoor Certified Transformer: weather-resistant connection allows fountain to operate outdoors, rain or shine
  •  Suitable for multiple pets. Also suitable for cats.
  •  10L (338 fl oz) capacity

Dogit Design Outdoor Dog Drinking Fountain. Illuminated black/white polyresin fountain. 10 L (338 fl oz) capacity.


  • Carbon filter,
  • Weather-resistant outdoor certified transformer,
  • Pump with LED light
  • Instruction manual.

Buy Dogit Alfresco Drinking Fountain now.


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