Drawnimal – App To Teach Children To Draw And Learn The Alphabet

Drawnimal – App To Teach Children To Draw And Learn The Alphabet
Drawnimal is a useful app that will help your kids start drawing and also learn the alphabet at the same time. Lucas Zanotto conceptualized, designed and created the animals for Drawnimal (with sound design and music by Ulrich Troyer and programming by Niels Hoffmann). It was their aim to extend mobile devices using simple tools like pen and paper. Drawnimal encourages children to think out side the box (literally!) as they will draw their animal on a piece of paper around the devices. The App shows children how to draw the main features of different animals, coupled with animations to aid with learning the alphabet.
“The idea was born while my daughter and I played with an alphabet book. This book showed us how to build an origami-animal out of a paper letter. I wanted to bring a similar analog and funny learning experience to our daily digital devices.” – Lucas Zanotto
The Drawnimal App is available for iPhone and iPad. There are over 30 different animated animals completed with sounds. Also there are four language options: English, Spanish, French and German. It features the whole alphabet with narration.

How Drawnimal It Works?


 1. Place your iPad on any surface you can draw on.  


2. Draw around the iPhone as shown on the screen.    


3. Draw around the iPhone as shown on the screen.    


 4. Tap the screen for a little surprise!  


Cat Drawnimal

Pinguin Drawnimal

Bear Drawnimal






All in all, we think Drawnimal is a great app to help children draw and learn the alphabet. It’s a very reasonable price. And you can entertain your child on the go at the same time! It also has some great reviews on the App Store. Visit Apple App Store to buy it.