Glasscape FishBowl by aruliden

Glasscape FishBowl by aruliden

We have never featured any products for pet fish before but couldn’t resist this treat. The Glasscape fishbowl is a reinterpretation of the classic fishbowl, transforming the classic-shape fish bowl into a beautiful landscape for our imagination.

Glasscape FishBowl by aruliden

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Glasscape is manufactured by aruliden. It creates an illusion that the fish is swimming through the mountains and evoking the feel of an underwater landscape.

Glasscape FishBowl by aruliden

glasscape_project_1 (6) glasscape_blank_2 (1)

The textured interior is made of hand-blown glass so each piece is different. The Glasscape fishbowl has won many design awards: IDEA 2012, GOOD DESIGN Award and Red Dot – High Design Quality IDEA 2011. Hand wash only.

Buy it now from aurlidenSwitch Modern or W Touch (UK)



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