Guisapet Pet Bed – Candy Coloured Dog and Cat Cave

Guisapet Pet Bed – Candy Coloured Dog and Cat Cave

Guisapet Pet Bed candy coloured dog and cat cave is a perfect place for your pet to snooze inside. The oval shape cave bed makes cats and dogs feel safe as they like to burrow and settle into small holes. We definitely know that cats just love to fit themselves into a smallest space possible. Guisapet pet bed gives them protective shelter from other pets or children just some where they can have a private space.


This is practical pet bed as it’s made with injected Polypropylene, UV treated, anti-mould, antistatic and repel dust, made with the same product used as for automotive parts. It’s very easy to clean and also bite and scratch proof. The inside cover and cushion are fully washable and do not retain odour.


The design of Guisapet pet bed is just so adorable but stylish kind of like a a reminisce of the 60s Egg chair but it comes in array of candy colours that would suit different home decors. The cave also features cat and dog ears and also monsters eyes on the top to create a face on the bed. The Bed comes in various sizes to suit medium to small dogs and cats.


A few of our favourites from Guisapet pet bed range

guisapet pet bed


Pink Cat Bed With Pink Cushion


black-blueMedium Black Dog Bed With Blue Cushion


Small White Dog Bed With Beige Cushion


cat negra ap

Black Cat Bed With Animal Print Cushion

Visit Guisapet to view the full range.


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