Halloween Cat-themed cake ideas – 14 tasty inspirations

Halloween Cat-themed cake ideas – 14 tasty inspirations

Halloween cat-themed cake inspirations getting your ready for Halloween. Just because it’s meant to be the scariest day of the year doesn’t mean that it can’t be filled with tasty cakes and cute decorations. Here are 14 deliciously good ideas for making your Halloween Cat themed cakes.

Halloween cat-themed cake inspirations


Halloween Cat themed cake

Black Cat Cake

cat orange cake

Black and Orange Cat Cake Via Pinterest

vampire cat cupcake


Vampire Cat Cupcakes

cat cookie

Cat Cookies

Halloween Cat themed cake pop

Halloween Cat Cake Pop

black cat orange cake pop

Black Cat Cake Pop By Bakerella

brown cat cake pop

Chocolate Cat Cake Pop by Candiquik


Candy Kitty Cupcake by Martha Stewart


Halloween Kitty Cupcake


Sprinkle Cat Cupcakes

Cat cookies

Cat Biscuits

blackcat large cupcake

Black Cat Large Cupcakes

candy corn cat cupcake

Black Sprinkle Cupcake via Pinterest

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 23.41.38

 Contrast Cat Cupcakes

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Happy cake decorating!


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