Mother takes Heartwarming Portraits of her baby and their rescue dog

Mother takes Heartwarming Portraits of her baby and their rescue dog

Grace Chon – a lifestyle photographer based in LA – takes heartwarming portraits of Jasper, her 10-month-old baby, and Zoey, their 7-year-old rescue dog. These adorable portraits feature Jasper and Zoey wearing matching hats and accessories from vintage pilot hats, to sun glasses, caps and head bands.



The story of Zoey before he was rescued was terribly sad but with a happy ending. Zoey was born in front of a store in Taiwan. The store owner was washing Zoey and her siblings into the gutter while a schoolgirl walked by. So the school girl picked them up with Zoey’s mom following her home and later she took them into the animal rescue team. After the rescue centre find a home for  the mother and puppies in the USA and the rest is history.




After Grace adopted Zoey, she discovered that Zoey was scared of everything. Grace is a self-confessed dog lady and said that she loves to dress up her dogs. She told Modern Met, “I know it sounds crazy, but I think it builds her confidence when she wears clothes. She does a happy dance when the props come out and she loves posing for the camera! Typically when I work with dogs I have to use a lot of treats to keep them motivated, but Zoey doesn’t need any of that. She’ll sit still very patiently and pose until we’re done.”


zoeyjasper00 grace chon

One day, Grace thought that putting a baby hat on dogs would be totally adorable too. So her sister came up with the idea of posing Zoey and Jasper together to create these amazingly adorable portraits. It is a fun activity that builds a bond between Jasper and Zoey. Now this is a happy ending! Visit Grace Chon to see more of her work.


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