Iced gingerbread tall ceramic owl planter

Iced gingerbread tall ceramic owl planter

This ceramic owl planter can be a perfect addition to your desk pet collection (If you are like Pause, we have a massive amount of cute tiny desk pets on our desks). Just how cute is the colour?! It’s definitely making pause thinking of having a biscuit. This beautiful planter is handmade by Jia Mayne Loo you can find her shop on Etsy. Click here to buy the owl planter.



This is Jia talking about her product: Each creature is formed by hand, and given a shaggy textured coat using a wooden tool (I used a manicure orange stick here). The clay fired to a delicious speckled gingerbread colour, which paired perfectly with the white glaze.



This medium sized planter has no drainage holes, so he’ll happily sit on your desk or shelf without leaking. Good for a small plants- just add a layer of stones and charcoal under the layer of soil for better root health, or plant a water plant. This tall owl could also be used as a cup.  Size: approx. 9cm tall, 8cm wide, 8.5cm from beak to tail



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