Humourous And Stylised 14 Iconic Cats Illustrated By A Ke

Humourous And Stylised 14 Iconic Cats Illustrated By A Ke

A ke, a Shanghai-based illustrator, has wowed us with a series of iconic cat illustrations. The kitty icons include famous figures, musicians, comic super heroes and more.  Her drawings are in a highly stylised comic style and show great attention to detail. The illustrations show human qualities in the cats and are also very humorous. A ke’s illustrations range from James Bond, Batman, Superman, Sir Issac Newton, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Charlie Chaplin to Darth Vader.

A Ke – Iconic Cats

ake@neochaedge12 ake@neochaedge10 a ke  ake@neochaedge06 ake@neochaedge05

Details like the cat’s ears on the wooden dummy and James Bond’s car add an extra dimension and life to the series. What about a giant bump on Sir Issac Newcat’s head? We assume it’s from the falling apple. We are still trying to work out the significance of the “Playcat” and what was Sir Issac Newcat doing with it?


ake@neochaedge09ake@neochaedge03 ake@neochaedge04 ake@neochaedge02




ake@neochaedge11 ake@neochaedge13



A ke has lightened our day with these humorous iconic kitties. We can’t wait to see more of her work.

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