ifetch – The new dog toy for the gadget lovers

ifetch – The new dog toy for the gadget lovers

Here is exciting news for gadget lovers who want to extend their gadget love to their dogs. ifetch won best in show for new products at Superzoo (a national pet show in Las Vegas).

ifetchifetch: image source


is designed with a simple function. The dog (or human) drops a ball (like a small tennis ball) in a funnel and the ball shoots out the other end shortly. The unit is powered by batteries or the mains. This product is designed for small or medium dogs when you can’t play with them. Also we think it’s a great idea for people who can’t lift their arms easily.

ifetchifetch: image source

How-it-worksifetch: image source

“When the ball is dropped in, the iFetch activates,” Hammill said. “So it’s not on constantly. And as the unit warms up, the dogs hear it and get excited.”

At the moment fetch is in the prototype stage and shoots 2-inch balls aimed for use indoor but there are requests from the clients for a bigger version. So the next version will be for indoor and outdoor. iFetch has gone more than 3 times over its fund request on Kickstarter. The first version is due to be released in the first quarter of 2014

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  1. please could tell me how much it would cost to send an ifetch to the uk

    • Hi Carole,
      We don’t sell the products on our website and we are an online pet resources website. I did checked on their Kickstarter page charge and they used to charge $20 extra on top of their US shipping. Not sure how much they are charging now. But please see this new link to find out: http://shop.goifetch.com/product-p/ifetch.htm
      Good luck!
      Thank you for visiting us.
      Sherry @ Pause

    • Thanks for letting us know. I’ll update the post with the information.


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