All About Life With Pets Magazine

All About Life With Pets Magazine

Life With Pets Magazine was launched in 2013 and it has made its mark on the pet community in the UK.  The magazine covers all kind of pets because a many British households have more than one pet but a lot of pet magazines cover only one type of pet.

Life With Pets Magazine 3
The team consists of Angie Brooks, her partner, freelance contributors and her adorable pets. Angie Brooks is the proprietor, writer, editor and publisher of Life With Pets Magazine. Her partner Edd handles the technical side of the business. Their guinea pig and two hamsters are their muses and product quality control team. The company is based in a picturesque area of North Wales and the magazines are printed in the local area.

LWP magazine - Penny on mag

It has been Angie’s dream to create a magazine for pet lovers, where they can share their pet stories and photos and interact with other pet people.  It is the magazine’s objective to focus on pet welfare, charity and responsible ownership. We feel that it’s one of the few UK pet magazines with a conscience and a caring voice. That is reflected by the magazine’s column “Rescue Hut” that shows animals who are looking for a new home. Life With Pets Magazine works extensively with pet charities to raise awareness of rescue centres and help pet owners understand how pet charities work, promoting responsible pet ownership at the same time.

Life with Pets Magazine first issue

The magazine has a friendly, conversational editorial style. By getting readers to share pictures of their pets with others, we feel that it creates a true sense of community. Also, they have top pets experts to answer their pet Q&A pages. Now that we’ve introduced you to Life With Pets Magazine, we are pleased to share with you an interview with Angie Brooks from Life With Pets.

Interview with Angie Brooks of Life With Pets Magazine

What made you set up Life With Pets Magazine?
A number of things really, I was always the one in the pet shop with about three or four magazines each visit, for dogs, cat and small furries and always felt something was missing. I’m passionate about rescue pets and raising awareness of pet welfare and found a lot of the magazines out there at the moment didn’t cover this as much as I would have liked! Being a journalist and pet owner, I knew the industry quite well already and saw the gap in the market. It’s evolving everyday and I hope our 3rd issue the best yet!


me and valhund
Angie Brooks

It was pretty scary to start with as I write, design and produce the whole magazine myself! It’s hard work putting everything together and myself and my partner often find ourselves working 18 hour days, but it’s worth it and I’m so glad we decided to go for it and start the magazine. Our pets are our family and I found that there was no place for multiple pet owners to come together and share their love of pets, whether they own a dog and rabbits, or guinea pigs and cats – we feature all pets and welcome everyone.

What is a typical day for you? 
A typical day always starts with my small furries. After they are all watered, fed, changed and cuddled I sit down at my desk and start work on the magazine! I run all the social media for the magazine and I think it’s important that our readers know who they are talking too, also things get done better because there’s a direct link to me writing the magazine. Hugo the guinea pig likes to sit in a basket on my desk and squeaks along to the keyboard typing! We rescued him a few weeks ago and he’s doing so well.


What is the best thing about your job at Life With Pets?
There are so many fantastic things about working on the magazine, I love interacting with our readers, meeting their pets, hearing their stories. I also love that some of the pets from our ‘Rescue Hut’ have found homes since being in the magazine – I can’t tell you how amazing that feels!


If you had the opportunity to change something about the pet industry what would it be?
Gosh, Quite a few things come to mind! I think for me, one of the most important things is raising awareness of small furries and their needs. The RWAF campaign ‘A hutch is not enough’ for rabbits is a big thing for me and I try to get this across in the magazine. Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK but the most neglected, it’s shocking and I really hope we can help towards creating a better life for small furries (and all pets!) in the UK and abroad.


Who or what is your inspiration in life?
My family, friends and pets! I am inspired by everything I see every day – whether it’s a heart-warming email from a reader or whether it’s something I see walking down the street :)
Penny waving 1
Penny – Russian Dwarf Hamster


What pets do you have at the moment?
At the moment, We have a Chinese Hamster called Blue, A Russian Dwarf called Penny, our new rescue guinea pig called Hugo and four grumpy but lovely fish. I cannot wait to extend our furry family, but until we have the space we’re holding off on the pets we hope to get!


Blue – The Chinese Hamster


If you can be an animal for a day what would you be and why? 
I think I would be Hugo my guinea pig! He’s so spoilt and gets treated like a King. Or perhaps a cat – it’s amazing how they own their humans and have such a cosy life, eating, exploring and sleeping!


Sir Hugo - LWP
Hugo – The Guinea Pig


Where can you see Life With Pets in three years time?
That’s a good question! I’m aiming for the stars! I hope the magazine will become a pet owner’s favourite read. Once our readership grows, I hope to build a team and make the magazine more frequent and also have some exciting plans for our website side of things too – but I can’t give too much away. ;)


Life With Pets Magazine 3
Life With Pets Magazine is not just another pet magazine but one that has been created for a pet lover community with a conscience. It is full of practical advice and is perfect for any multi-pet pet household.  Visit Life With Pets Magazine Website to find out more and get yourself a copy here.



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