Luxury wooden wine box dog bed and feeder

Luxury wooden wine box dog bed and feeder

We found a beautiful Wine Box dog bed and an amazing feeder on Bark and Whistle and absolutely fall in love with them. We love the rustic charm that would really give you a really beautiful country-style look to that room. The beds and feeders have been carefully crafted and finished to smooth edges. The beds had small feet to protect the pets from the draft and include a cushion filed with extra deep hollow fibre to make sure they are comfortable. And they have removable cushion so it’s easy to keep the beds clean. There are many options of beautiful fabrics from Barbour checks to modern patterns.

Wine box dog bed and feeder – Bark and Whistle


 Wooden Win Box Dog Bed

wine box dog bed

 Deluxe wine box pet bed


Wine box pet bed


Wooden Wine Box Dog bed feeder – Bark and Whistle

The feeders are also made from the finest chateau wine boxes boxes (We want a Château Mouton Rothschild option please as that is our favourite red wine). The feeders are also raised to help your pet access the food and drink easier especially ones arthritic joints problems. They come in single and double feeders in different sizes. The bowls are stainless steel. And both the bed and the feeder are finished with a protective coating of Danish Tung oil.


Small Feeder


Small Feeder


Medium Feeder


Large Feeder

We absolutely love both the bed and the feeder. But we thought that we can probably get the feeder as it’ll also help eliminate the problem of water splashing syndrome that Talisker (our cat) has. Spotted a Château De Beaucastel option, another favourite wine but it’s the large feeder. If you are as in love with wine box dog bed and feeder go to see them at  Bark and Whistle.