m.pup Dog House Sofa Harmonising our living spaces with your dogs

m.pup Dog House Sofa Harmonising our living spaces with your dogs

m.pup is a Korean brand designed for pets, founded by designer Seungji Mun.  He aims to create a brand that incorporates designs with the emotional side of having pets. He intends for people to use his products to communicate with their companion animals in order to form a stronger bond with them.

m.pup Dog House Sofa

dog house sofa m.pup

 ”Between humans’ and pets’ residential space, “furniture” took the largest and the most important position. The Dog House Sofa is the furniture that people and their pets could use together. It is a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet.”

dog house sofa m.pup 4

dog house sofa m.pup 5

“Dog house Sofa” is m.pup’s brand new product in their first collection. Millions of Korean families share their living spaces with their pets, inspiring Mun to come up with concept for the Dog House Sofa. The Dog House Sofa is designed to integrate human and canine sitting space to allow them to develop a close bond and be able to share their emotions and communicate with each other easily. The Dog House Sofa has the simplicity and elegance of a Scandinavian designed two- or three-seater, with an extended armrest compartment where your dog can sit and hangout with you in his/her own space. The design creates a perfect space where humans and their pets can communicate and live together in perfect harmony. It is produced with eco-friendly ash wood and fabric.

dog house sofa m.pup 2

dog house sofa m.pup 3

 m.pup Pet Bed


pet bed m.pup

The m.pup Pet Bed range has all the shades of the rainbow to match any home. Again with minimal modern styling – reminiscent of Scandinavian designs – it will look perfect in a modern living space. A soft sponge is used for the mattress to ensure that it’s comfortable even for older dogs with joints problem. With a removable outer cover, it is easy to clean and the lining is also 100% waterproof to make sure it last longer.

 m.pup Pet House

m.pup dog house

m.pup pet house

The pet house of m.pup is new conceptual pet furniture that has been created as a result of research into the best possible pet bed. Constructed from eco-friendly Birch plywood and finishes, m.pup produced a strong, stable pet house suitable for puppies or adult dogs.

Visit m.pup and m.pup store to find out more.


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