Make your house feline friendly

Make your house feline friendly




Make your house Feline friendly

If you have a cat, you undoubtedly want to go the extra mile to make it feel comfortable in your home. Every cat is different so catifying, or making your home cat-friendly doesn’t really have a general rule but there are a few guidelines you can follow to start the process. For any other details you can turn to your cat. No, seriously. Observe its behavior and it will tell you. But let’s get on with the basics.


Location, location, location!

Cats usually have more than one comfortable spot in the house, and it may not exactly be the spot you’d expect. Many cat owners want to buy special beds for their pets however they get extremely frustrated when their beloved pet chooses a chair near a window rather than a soft and fluffy and above all else, expensive pillow their owners got for them. Cats usually like to look out the window. Surely you’ve noticed this, and when you try to let the cat out it just stands there as your house gets cold because you’re holding the door open. If you can, try getting a nice spot near the window. You can get custom window seats for cats. Look it up! It’s simple to install. If your cat prefers another spot however, focus on that one.

Aside from the resting, you should also pick a specific spot for food. Kitchen seems reasonable but owners often feed their cats all around the house which results in cats dragging food everywhere. Sometimes you might run into a bone in the couch while you’re looking for a remote.

Damaged goods!

Does your cat have claws? If there is anyone inside your house who knows, it’s your sofa (or any other piece of furniture). The damage is done but if you like your furniture intact, and you don’t want to declaw your cat and leave it defenseless, you should get a scratching post. Now don’t be surprised if your cat refuses to use it at first. Some owners say that their cats prefer stable scratching posts, so get one that won’t move an inch while your cat is scratching it. If you want, try a smaller one first but if your cat continues to attack the couch, get a larger scratching post.

Cats like to get high

No we’re not talking about catnip. Some cats like high places. Mainly because they have a better view from above and they can observe their territory for potential prey or intruders. Old habits die hard so they like to climb on the highest surface they can find even inside a house. Sometimes even a shoulder. If you want to go the extra mile you can get a high corner stand for your cat. They like to climb as well as rest in high places, so if you want you can simply put a cat bed on a cabinet. You can use a shelf too, however unless you have hypoallergenic cats, you shouldn’t make their beds near any shelves that contain food or towels or anything of that kind.

A cat to go

Cats are crazy and we love it. Surely you’ve seen a cat or two dig its way inside a box or a plastic bag or anything closed for that matter. Cardboard boxes, drawers, bags, you name it. It’s because they feel safe in tight spaces. They can stalk their prey more easily if they’re hidden inside a box. Well, if they think they can’t be seen.

And there it was,  how to Make Your House More Feline Friendly by our friend Rahat Bashar from My Types Of Cats. You can find useful information about how care for your cats with fun editorial style on My Types Of Cats. Plus you can find lots of great cat treat recipes on his website. Follow My Types Of Cats on Twitter.



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