Macaron Cat Bed and Maru will melt your heart

Macaron Cat Bed and Maru will melt your heart

Cats love to fit themselves into tiny spaces and it has been widely documented. They like to do that because it makes them feel safe. Macaron cat bed became internet sensation after the internet kitties darling from Japan Maru and Hana have been seen with one.



macaron cat bed

cat-burger-bed-maru-5 macaron cat bed

The owner of Maru and Hana reviewed it after buying it from Amazon Japan.


“I bought this cat bed for Hana, because she is sensitive to cold,” explained their owner.


Normally Maru doesn’t particularly like warm beds but he does actually like this one. So there was a little struggle between them before Maru decided to give up the bed so Hana is very happy.



Watch the video here:

For now it’s only available in Japan but please let us know when someone imports it to the UK. We want one!

Via Bored Panda, Images via Maru


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