Calling All Creative Inventor for Meow Mix Catstarter Campaign

Calling All Creative Inventor for Meow Mix Catstarter Campaign

Meow Mix cat food has launched a great marketing campaign: Meow Mix Catstarter. The campaign has been designed to get their customers to join in with inventing new products for cats. According to Meow Mix, the Meow Mix Catstarter project is where cats owners and their feline friends can come together and invent things – inventions that make eating, playing and  living, together better. You can back any of the projects that are currently on their website and Meow Mix will make the product that gets the most backing. You might even win the end product that they produce. Anyone can submit their cat product invention to Meow Mix and the best projects will be upload onto their website for a vote. So far the three projects are:

meow mix catstarter

Meow Mix Catstarter

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 13.30.14

Hot Keys

Hang with your cat without sharing your keyboard.

Cat owners that use computers at home must be so familiar with their cats wishing to sit on their computer or keyboard. The Meow Mix Hot Keys is a cat bed that is in a key board shape that seems to be powered by your typing through a USB lead. The more you type the warmer the cat bed gets.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 18.31.16

Twister Dish

Make sure your cat can enjoy every last bite.

Sometimes cats only eat kibbles from the middle of the bowl and leave the rest of the kibbles around the edges. Twister dish makes sure that the kibbles around the edges dropped back into the centre again so all the kibbles will get eaten.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 18.31.31
A mealtime experience powered by Twitter.
Meow Mix #MealMachine allows you to feed your cat by tweeting.
Other notable mentions from the Meow Mix Catstarter project that are not uploaded are a mouse that is controlled by your computer mouse and a sidecar that is attached to the side of your office chair. I think this marketing is really clever as not only do they get the brand awareness, building relationships with their customers, but they will also find out what they customers value the most in terms of a product. Visit Meow Mix Catstarter for more details.

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