Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli – Dog Biscuit

Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli – Dog Biscuit

It’s probably not a great time to talk about Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli right now because we’re pretty hungry. How wrong is it that these dog biscuits are so beautiful they made us want to try some - just like something from a confectionery or baker?! They look so inviting.

We first came across the Doggy Deli when we went to an RSPCA Dog Walk this year and the stall was totally mobbed. We had to perform some acrobatic moves to pick up the flyer. The owner started making these biscuit because the puppy they adopted has a heart condition and they want the puppy to be able to eat healthy food that tastes good. The biscuit are made with chocolate and other ingredients suitable for dogs only and remember that they are only for treats.  The products range from chocolate biscuits, profiteroles, to “Barkwell” tarts.

We need to go and get us a packet of human biscuit after this.

Here are the dreamy selection from Mrs Bishop’s Doggy Deli:

mrs bishop s doggy deliChocolate Biccy Bones 

white_bones1White Chocolate Biccy Bones

Love_tarts_CloseMini Love Tarts

Ice_cream_1Ice Cream Biscuits

Woofy_Puffs_DetailWoofy Puffs

bitesize_smallBitesize Barkwell


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