Celebrate your pet’s personality PS Pet Tags – Review

Celebrate your pet’s personality PS Pet Tags – Review

PS Pet Tags was the first UK based Pet Tag Company to offer a modern, hard-wearing alternative to traditional engraved pet tags. The tags are designed and manufactured in their Devon workshop. The company has hundreds of designs to suit various pets’ personalities from adorable, humorous, music-related, national flags, to quirky modern statement designs.

PS Pet Tags


PS Pet Tags are made from strong metal alloy & feature smooth edges which are mirror polished & nickel plated. All Tags feature your chosen design on the front and four lines of personalised text on the reverse. PS Pet Tags use a different system to the traditional engraved Pet ID Tags, utilising the latest in technology which enables the image & text to penetrate the pet tag surface, creating a tag which features permanent crisp images and clear, easy to read text. PS Pet Tags are bright and vivid, a real eye-catcher and they really do stand out from the crowd.


The tags are great for outdoor use while still being light enough to be comfortable for your pet. They are 100% waterproof and can take pretty much anything a pet may throw at them! All PS Pet Tags are covered by a Lifetime Guarantee.

PS Pet Tags have hundreds of designs but we are definitely excited in creating our own custom tag. So we happily accepted a proposal to review PS Pet Tags. This review has been sponsored by PS Pet Tags but all opinions are our own.

PS Pet Tags Review



PS Pet Tags are different to other tags available on the market. Initially we thought we would receive a laminated pet tag like other brands that we’ve seen before. To our surprise, it’s completely different to what we expected! Firstly, the package fits through the door in a little envelope and was packed inside a adorable card with the jump ring securing the card. We thought it was a lovely touch to receive something so thoughtfully presented.

 PS Pet Tags

pspettags-front PS Pet Tags

pspettags-diag PS Pet Tags

Then when we saw the tag, we are highly impressed with the quality. We chose our origami cat design for our cat, Talisker. The design looks embed into the tag. It does look a bit like sublimation print so the print is completely embedded into the tag. The prints on both sides are crisp and clear, it was very easy to read the address text on the back. We actually love the feel of the embedded print – it’s a nice texture.

backoftag PS Pet Tags

The tag feels very sturdy without being too heavy. And the price is very reasonable considering you can have your own tag design for just £7.49.

PS Pet Tags

Your can see the tag looking lovely on our Talisker.  It’s perhaps a bit too big because it is actually a 32mm diameter dog tag. That was our fault as we forgot to specify that we needed a cat tag. Lol! Oh well! She seems to enjoy modelling it anyway. But the cat tag is meant to be 24mm wide so that’s a perfect size for cats.

DSC_3389 copy

All in all, we have to say we are very impressed with the quality of the tags. They aren’t quite what we expected but actually far better. PS Pet Tags are also good value for money. The practicality and durability of the tags should be considered. You need a tag that will survive any weather condition and stay legible. And as we known our readers are creative so it’ll be a great little fun project for you to create your own pet tag.  The turn around is also incredibly fast. So what are you waiting for?

Quality: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Design: This one depends on your own personal aesthetic. We like to think that the design scores pretty high, especially as you can create your own. :-)

Practicality: 4.5/5

Visit PS Pet Tags to get design you own pet tag now.

PS Tags are durable and survive all kinds of tests. You can watch them test the tags on a video here:


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