Restaurant Mon Petit Offers Cat-Themed Gourmet Dining Experience

Restaurant Mon Petit Offers Cat-Themed Gourmet Dining Experience

For a limited time, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company, the creator of Mon Petit, is offering a cat-themed restaurant experience for cat lovers. Mon Petit is a luxury cat food, also known as Fancy Feast in the US. The diners will experienced eating and feeling like a feline royalty.

Restaurant Mon Petit



Restaurant Mon Petit has waiters and waitresses dressed up as cats in formalwear. Not only do the staff wear cat ears, but the diners also get a set of adorable “necomimi” cat ears.  They are apparently controlled by the wear’s brainwaves so that the wearer knows what it feels like to have cat ears.






monpetit-21 restaurant Mon Petit

Since this is a promotional restaurant, Purina hired Phillipe Batton to recreate dishes that are inspired by Mon Petit cat food. Some of the dishes are actually a representation of the Mon Petit cat food that is already available in the market.  The meal is actually free and you can only win a table reservation by lottery.

Restaurant Mon Petit Menu

ct4_Upload restaurant Mon Petit




Turkey Terrine


 Tuna with Japanese-style bonito flakes


Creamy chicken soup


Chick breast stew


 Chicken and turkey blend with cheese and something that looks like cat biscuits.


Grilled beef


Fish with cream sauce


Crème brûlée and crackers that look like cat biscuits

The entertainment for the evening is a virtual motion-capture game using a mirror image screen. So you can see yourself as a cat in the mirror.


The Restaurant Mon Petit is certainly a worthwhile marketing investment that creates a luxurious dining experience in the mind of potential cat food buyers. We are certainly sold!


Via Trendhunter and Rocketnews


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