Stimulo cat feeder – The new interactive feeder and game for cats

Stimulo cat feeder – The new interactive feeder and game for cats

Stimulo cat feeder is a new interactive slow cat feeder that will bring out your cat’s natural hunting instinct. Stimulo has been designed to make feeding time fun for cats. It’s a game for cats, just like searching for a mouse in its hole, but instead it’s the cat food!

Stimulo Cat Feeder

Stimulo cat feeder

The cat will need to use its paws to grab the food from the inside of the tube in order to eat. This cat feeder features 9 plastic tubes on plastic platform. The plastic tubes are adjustable in height so you can change the level of difficulty for your cat. Higher tubes can also be purchased as extras to create even more challenging tests for your cat. The feeding tubes are sized so that you know how much food to feed your cat as suggested by your veterinarian.



Stimulo cat feeder will be able to help reduce cat vomiting problems by reducing speed of ingestion. The product has won many awards including best product on Good Morning America and it has been approved by Feline Wellness magazine as a best behavioural product for cats. Buy Stimulo from Kitty Kit


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