Studiotuesday by David Scheirer

Studiotuesday by David Scheirer

Now that we’ve found an incredibly painter with beautiful fluid watercolour washes, strong graphic outline and adorable sea creatures, we are totally in love with Studiotuesday by David Scheirer.  David is a painter who is living in the Washington DC area. It’s clear that he loves spending his time outdoor, hiking, birdwatching and exploring, because those favourite pass times reflects in his art.

Studiotuesday by David Scheirer 


studiotuesday puffin


I fell in love with watercolors in college and haven’t painted with much else since. The medium very much suits my vision and is endlessly fun to experiment and paint with. I work in two styles, both inspired by my love of animals, nature, and the outdoors. One has its roots in more traditional and realistic watercolor painting, the other is a whimsical illustration style created with ink and water-colour.




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