The Land of Nod – Super adorable products with animal designs for kids

The Land of Nod – Super adorable products with animal designs for kids

We always have an excuse to go shopping, today we’ve stumbled upon a really fresh website selling adorable products for children. The Land of Nod stock a lot of different cute products with animal designs for baby and children. Here are some of our favourite products:

The Land of Nod


Crowded Teeth Toys

hug-the-panda the land of nod

Hug The Panda


Tina The Bunny – Crowded Teeth

how-do-you-zoo-hooded-towel-fox the land of nod

How Do You Zoo Hooded Towel (Fox)


How Do You Zoo Sleeping Bag


Wear The Wild Things Dress-Up Set (Tiger) - This would look so cute for Halloween


Woodland Prep Animal Ornaments - These can be great as Christmas Ornaments! <3


Wildlife of the Party Puzzle (Fox) by Crowded Teeth


Wall of Wild Wall Decals


Bright Eyed, Bush Tailed Growth Chart

We hope you enjoyed the tour of The Land of Nod, there are so many more incredible products on their online store. If we have a child, we could easily spend our life savings there. The Land of Nod is definitely the place to go to if you need to get a present for a child that loves animals!

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