The Tidy Dog Easy Way To Train Your Dogs To Put Theirs Toys Away

The Tidy Dog Easy Way To Train Your Dogs To Put Theirs Toys Away

The Tidy Dog is a great new invention to help train your dogs to tidy their toys away. It is a dog toy storage box that dispenses treat every time your dog puts a toy away.

The Tidy Dog


“I was training our dog to pick up her toys and put them away.  I wanted to find a way to get her to put her toys away without having to tell her to all the time.” said Chris Lorkowski, the project engineer.  “I took apart this candy dispenser we had.  You put your hand under it like those automatic soap dispensers, but instead of soap it dispensed small candy.  I pulled out the motion sensor, mounted it in her toy bin and filled the dispenser with kibble.” And that was the first prototype that lead to the invention of The Tidy Dog.

How The Tidy Dog Works


Treat goes inside the little compartment.


The treats are dispensed once the toy has been put away.



With a long battery life, The Tidy Dog can be left on all day or it can be turned on when you want to train your dog to tidy up. The Tidy Dog uses sophisticated weight sensors to detect toys placed in the storage box. It has smart software that can detect whether the dog is just sniffing around in the box. In order to prevent dogs from cheating, the sensor is also able to detect when a dog takes a toy out and drops it back immediately. After months of testing various aspects of the design, Lorkowski found that his dog Evie has now learned to keep her toys in the bin except for the one she’s playing with. Genius!


The amazing Tidy Dog can be pre-ordered through Kick Starter now and they have almost reached their goal. So if you are interested in pre-ordering one now, you can visit their Kick Starter campaign. You can also visit their website to read more about them.

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