Trololo – Dog-shaped Floor Lamp That Can Act Like A Real Dog

Trololo – Dog-shaped Floor Lamp That Can Act Like A Real Dog

Trololo is a creative floor lamp in a shape of a geometric dog, designed by Eglė Stonkutė. The playful Trololo dog-shaped lamp has been designed to resemble our canine companion. It is lightweight and durable. The red cloth covered cord has been designed to look like a lead so you can take Trololo for a “walk” around your home. You can also set it down to make your pup “stay”, make it sit to “beg” and “glow”.





The creative floor lamp is made out of laser-cut plexiglass with LEDs underneath on the inside, providing a soft, ambient light. If you need more light in the room you can sit Trololo down. When you are with Trololo you feel as if he is alive. Perfect for those who want a dog but can’t have one yet.



  1. Love it! No details of where it can be bought from though. Can you tell me?


    • Glad you loved it too. I think that is a finished prototype. Not sure whether it’s all produced yet. But you can send a message to the designer of Trololo and asked him where to buy one. Here’s a link:
      Hope this helps!

  2. Really that is looks like a dog.When I see this lamp first I thought that is a dog but in this it saw a lamp.Really awesome creation.Thanks for that.

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    • It really does! Doesn’t it? We love it too! Thanks for reading Pause! :-)


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