United Pets Crick review – Cat food container

United Pets Crick review – Cat food container

Here is our very first product review (United Pets Crick) on Pause and it’s sponsored by our friend Oz & Mr. Curious! Although the product is sponsored by Oz & Mr. Curious the comments are our own and we are not associate’s of United Pets.

united pets crick review

Talisker (Our cat) VS Crick

United Pets Crick review

United Pets Crick is a dry cat food container from United Pets. It’s made from 100% polypropylene and is dishwasher safe.

crick cat food container


Design: We think the design is the essence of this cat food container. Not only it is adorable but the whole container fits together incredibly well. We like the head is the lid and the scoop is the tail. You can put Crick anywhere in the house and it’ll look good. Rating: 5/5


Quality: The plastic is nice and thick material. It certainly feels sturdy and great quality. The lids shuts tightly and doesn’t appear to have a gap. Rating: 4/5


Price: At £30 it is not cheap but we think the price is reasonable for the beautiful design and quality product. If you want great design and quality, Crick is definitely for you. (They also have Crock which is the version for dogs) Rating: 4/5

Size: It’s just a bit larger than a standard sand bucket which we think is a good size. It can fit in smaller space and not in a way of anything. And the design is beautiful so you don’t need to hide it in the cupboard. We wouldn’t mind it being a touch larger though. Rating: 3.5/5


So what’s the verdict from United Pets Crick Review:

All in all we are in love with United Pets Crick’s design and quality. And we would happily recommend this for any cat owner that loves beautiful design and quality products. If you want to see more of Crick and buy it, click here. There is also a sale on Crick at the moment.

Talisker (our cat) agrees that it’s very cute and she seems to like it as she’s already come to frolic with the Crick container while we were photographing the products.




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