Whitebites – Bright & Humorous Idea For Dog Snacks Packaging

Whitebites – Bright & Humorous Idea For Dog Snacks Packaging

Whitebites is a creative packaging project by a student Cecilia Uhr. She’s noticed that there are lack of variety of packaging designs for dog foods and snacks. So Uhr set out to design packaging for rawhide sticks used for chewing. Currently packaging for rawhides in pet retailers and small pet supply stores are in clear plastic bag or don’t even have packaging at all. She decided against using the plastic bags for Whitebites as they are not environmentally friendly and unpackaged are just unhygienic.






Uhr came up with a fresh design with humorous tone and eco-friendly packaging. The packaging has got striking pictures of different kinds of dog use to represent the size of the product and packaging. There are 3 sizes of the packaging for small, medium and large dogs. The dog mouths on the packaging have die cuts on them that allow consumers to see the product and also show the humorous white “teeth” of the dogs.


Also the left ear of the packaging features as a flap which you can open and slide out one rawhide stick at a time. The hook for displaying the packaging in store is also beautifully concealed onto the right ear. Description, nutritional facts, ingredients are on the back of the packaging.




Uhr designed Whitebites series of packaging as collectable. We really hope that someone in the pet industry would choose Uhr to design their packaging because it’s so different to anything that we’ve seen in the market. Her packaging is also clever, funny and well-designed.

Visit Cecilia Uhr.

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