So sweet it’ll make your eyes bleed – Wildlife Prints Etsy

So sweet it’ll make your eyes bleed – Wildlife Prints Etsy

We’ve always love cute little plastic animal toys as a child, yes even when we got a bit too old we turn and collect vinyl art toys instead. We’ve found this amazing photographer via His name is Jeff Friesen an award-winning Canadian photographer. He also has another project which is super cute plastic toys pose in Kitsch settings. And oh my word!! We need them now!

Here’s what Jeff said about his work at Wildlife prints on Etsy

Now, where to begin? In my other life I’m a serious award-winning photographer, much given to brooding and brow-furrowing. That part of my life is known as “Bert.”  Then there’s the part of my life I spend hanging out with my little family, building sandcastles, jumping in waves, and camping in the northern woods; the “Ernie” part if you will. Wild Life Prints brings “Bert” and “Ernie” together for the first time, along with a host of amazing animals in their, um, natural habitats! Oh, my name is Jeff and I love taking pictures of just about anything. Please visit my web site here:

Below are our favourite from Wildlife prints – Etsy

Kid at Heart

kid at heartBucky noticed the ice cream melting—where had everyone disappeared to? Could it be that the hens were running amuck in the garden, having been mysteriously set free by some mischief maker? Whatever it was, this melting ice cream was sure to cause a mess. Time to launch a pre-emptive strike.

Retro Rocker

wildlife prints etsy

His family used to follow polar bears in hopes of finding scraps to eat, now they’re searching the internet for a deal on mid-century furnishings. Money has been tight since their savings, invested in Lemmings Brothers, disappeared when the lemmings ran off a cliff.

Hungry,hungry hippo

hungry hungry hippo

Hugo was a model of self-restraint in many aspects of life. In fact, he restrained himself from piano practice every day. Surely no one would notice if He took one small bite of his sister’s birthday cake. Just one tiny bite!

Emperor Penguin


Oliver, who made a fortune in the tuxedo rental industry, is truly an emperor penguin. His architect-designed home is an engineering marvel, complete with whale-sized aquarium. It’s perfect in every way…except for one thing. His new pet seems a little too eager to be friends, particularly at feeding time.

Rabbits at rest

rabbits at rest

It’s often assumed that rabbits are a little jumped up, but the truth is after a hard day of bounding the bunny-set lives to lounge. Sometimes it’s good to stop and smell the carrots.


clockwork raccoon

Did you know that Davy Crocket kept a raccoon on his head specifically to repair his battle-worn wristwatch? Not all raccoons are using your trash can for a pre-movie dinner date. Some put their nimble paws and keen sense of timing to use as clock repairers. They’re the best in the business, and happy to work for choice pickings from your compost bin.

Smellvador Dali


For many years the surrealist movement was dormant among skunks, merely running on fumes. That’s why the art world was totally unprepared for the rise of Smellvador Dali, the first surrealist architect among small mammals. An interior by Smellvador is a must for fashion-forward members of the forest cognoscenti.

As you can see Jeff’s work is just extraordinary and super cute. Click here to go buy his prints on his shop on Etsy



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