Winkelhimer Smith – The Painting Squirrel

Winkelhimer Smith – The Painting Squirrel

Winkelhimer Smith - the painting squirrel – was adopted by Shyla Mouton after being rescued from the cat attacked when she was a baby squirrel. Shyla is a  doll artist living in Louisiana. After the attacked Winkelhimer was left handicap but she soon learn how to paint using food colouring by watching Shyla. Since then Winkelhimer Smith became very popular on the internet after the video of her painting went viral. Shyla sometimes sells Winkelhimer’s paintings on Etsy and all the proceeds go to charities.

Winkelhimer Smith – the painting squirrel

Winkelhimer Smith working

Winkelhimer Smith painting

Watch Shyla talk about Winkelhimer:

Watch Winkelhimer The Squirrel paint here:

painting 1

Current painting available on Etsy store

painting 4

Current Painting available from Etsy Store

You can visit Winkelhimer Smith‘s blog to read more.

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