Meet the MiniMew Munchkin Cat Who May Be the World’s Shortest Cat

Meet the MiniMew Munchkin Cat Who May Be the World’s Shortest Cat

Pixel is a MiniMew Munchkin who may be the World’s Shortest Cat. Tiffani Kjeldergaard who is based in San Diego, USA is her owner.  Tiffani also owns Fizz Girl who is the current Guinness World record holder for the World’s Shortest Cat. Pixel is the tiny size of 5 inches – even smaller than Fizz Girl, her mother, who is 6 inches tall.

Meet MiniMew Munchkin Cat Who May Be World’s Shortest Cat


 World's Shortest Cat

Tiffani Kjeldergaard of Flying Paint Ranch is pleased to announce her MiniMew Munchkin cat FIZZ GIRL who is the current Guinness World’s Shortest Cat has had a daughter named PIXEL.
She was born on September 21, 2012
Guinness has accepted the application for the Shortest Cat challenging measurement and this will be the second presentation of the “WORLD’S SHORTEST CAT RECORD” for Flying Paint Ranch owner Tiffani Kjeldergaard of San Diego to claim!


Ms. Kjeldergaard said her MiniMew Munchkin Cats: “win hearts over like crazy”

“Even people that aren’t cat people go crazy for them. They say about how cute they are and how they want to take them straight home with them.”


She also added that having such tiny pets can be a bit of a hazard so the family members have to be very careful.

“You can’t leave doors open, you can’t close refrigerator doors too quickly because one of them may have snuck up at the bottom of the door and stuck their head in,” she added.

“We have to move very slowly when we walk so we don’t step on anybody.

“Everyone of them has been stepped on or kicked once because it’s just what happens in a house of munchkin cats.”



Ms. Kjeldergaard also shared her opinion on how some people think it’s cruel to breed munchkin cats. Her views on the subject are:

“People who don’t understand the gene consider it a genetic defect or mutation or something of an abomination.

“It’s very unfair for them to say that. It’s natural for these cats to be this tall, just like it’s natural for some people to have brown eyes – it wouldn’t be wrong for them to have blue eyes.

“It’s their build and it’s natural for them to be built this way.”


This issue is a bit of a grey area for us. We think if they are born that way then maybe that’s the way nature intended them but we are still not 100% sure whether it’s right to selectively breed cats to specifically to be like that. One thing we are sure of is that Tiffani certainly loves her kitties and looks after them like a family. And that is very sweet!

Pixel’s Guinness Book Of World Records application for the record of  the World’s Shortest Cat has been accepted.  If the record is verified then Pixel will be the shortest cat that ever lived.

Visit Pixel’s Facebook.

Via Laughing Squid, Mirror.

Images Via Daily Mail.


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