ZEIPET – Ultimate Italian Chic Boutique Pet Accessories

ZEIPET – Ultimate Italian Chic Boutique Pet Accessories

We all know that Italy is famous for their designers, style, leather, fabric and craftsmanship. ZEIPET, an Italian pet accessories boutique, is the going show us how beautiful fabrics/leather, high standard craftsmanship and Italian Chic design can make sure our pets feel very special. For over 50 years Zei Cinofilia has been dressing and styling the pets of Florence and now that they opened an online boutique we are excited to share their online boutique with you.

ZEIPET only sourced their fabrics from a town called Prato, which has long textiles production history dating back to the 13th century. Prato is world famous because of the quality of the fabric produced and its’ long standing history. The fabrics that ZEIPET used for their pet accessories collection are the same like those you might have seen on the highest Italian furnishing.  They also used only the finest leather from Tuscany. Florence, Tuscany is where a lot of the luxury fashion houses have their production headquarters.

Our Favourite Products From ZEIPET Range

poffe ZEIPETPouffe Original

In the 1960s this was this pouffe that inspired a new trend in home furnishings. ZEIPET specially re-modeled version of this classic for pets has a pleated two-tone wool finish. The material is drawn together and held firm with a button made from eco-fur – this guarantees that there are no hard edges at all in the pouffe, making it a joy for pets to sleep on. This is definitely our favourite shape of their pet bed.


Pouffe Circus

 This fun and stylish two-tone pouffe is made from a combination of cotton and microfiber, making it both warm and durable. When sleeping the pouffe will softly cushion the dog’s body while granting it an elevated pedestal from which it can keep watch, or even look out of a window!

cuscino8_baseSoftly Softly

For the pet that equates style with simplicity, this is cushion that will blend effortlessly into any environment, while bringing its own timeless quality to bear. Finished on one side in eco-fur with black cotton on the reverse. Any pet will feel pampered and proud calling such a cushion their own.




For dogs with a sweet tooth our cupcake bed is guaranteed to leave your pet happy and rested. The patterned fabric is made from gobelin cotton, with a red microfiber cushion.


The Cosy

If your pets bed is in a space that can be susceptible to drafts, or if it happens to be a breed that feels the cold more than others, then this is the perfect choice. Walled in on all sides with a microfiber shell, and a soft microfiber cushion, this bed truly lives up to its name , and your pet will be very happy as a result.


Cats, such as the Sphynx , have no fur at all! This makes them suffer a lot more than most from the cold. Igloo is made entirely from fleece and will cocoon your cat like no other bed can.

set_baseBath Set

For travelling dogs this bath set comprises dressing gown, large towell, small towell and towel in the form of a bone. This bath set is only for small dogs (toy poodle, chihuahua, dachshund ) and is decorated with sequin dachshunds.


Ponte Vecchio

There is nothing that says Italian chic than the classic soft, buttery, brown leather collar. This would be our choice of collar and lead set. Just like the famous bridge here in Florence, this two-piece collar and lead finished in soft Florentine leather, stands the test of time. Chrome detailing finishes this lead off smartly and with classic lines.


The Tuscan

This beautifully finished tan leather collar with lateral stitching, brings Tuscany’s autumnal colours to your pets day to day living. The collar has a wide leather fitting which makes it ideal for medium to large sized dogs (although not shown there is also a matching lead).


Woodland Explorer

Super stylish two-piece collar and lead in cotton with leather detailing. The width of the collar makes it ideal for medium to large sized dogs, but like the dog that protects their bone, so too will your dog once you put this collar on them. Expect to find them looking at themselves in the mirror for long-periods of time. Woodland Explorer is just like combining Italian style with English Country chic, we love it!

 ZEIPET products use materials that will stand the test of time.  All of their wonderful products are made to order so please allow up to 14 days before you will receive your pet accessories but for something of this quality and this special it’s certainly would be worth the wait. The both supply to consumers and retail (so wholesale option is available too). Visit ZEIPET to see their full range.


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