Pause is an online pet resource for people who love beautiful and unique designs. Pause is about having fun looking at super-cute animals but it also brings you articles with amazing visuals and inventive content. It has been conceived for creative minds that love animals and showcases designers using animal influences in their current designs.

At Pause, you can find reviews on products, news on animals and pets and up-to-date information on pet accessories that are available for your beloved pets. Pause will keep you up to date with events and the freshest designs.

Sherryandtalisker pause


Sherry with Talisker. Talisker the cat is pet product expert and muse at Pause.

Pause was launched in 2013 by Sherry Visetbhakdi Cantlay. Sherry was graphic designer and illustrator in the fashion industry for over ten years. She has held positions on design teams working with many of the world’s most popular children’s characters. With her passion for pets, animals and design, she has created a unique world for pet/animal fans who love design, art and visuals. She also wishes to deliver pet and animal content and articles with a difference, by incorporating creativity into pet resources to create a unique editorial style for Pause.


website: www.pauseandplay.co.uk

email: sherry@pauseandplay.co.uk

facebook: www.facebook.com/pauseandplayuk

twitter: @pauseandplayuk