Accessories and Jewellery Gift List – Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Accessories and Jewellery Gift List – Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

This Accessories and Jewellery gift list is the very first one in the series of Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway. Here we will explore many of the best independent designers and online stores to find fantastic accessories and jewellery with animal designs from handbag, purses, earrings to necklaces and more.

Accessories and Jewellery Gift List – Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Pause Featured Gift for Accessories and Jewellery gift list is Mama San


Mama San is an online homeware, jewellery and clothing boutique selling unique products from independent designs and illustrator. They have a large selection of Gemma Correll and pug products! (our favourite!) And we’ve discovered Wolf and Moon jewellery there.  Mama San is the place to go for unique and cute gifts. See Mama San on Pause.

Mama San is giving away “THE PUG MUG” by Gemma Correll (our favourite, again!). Mama San is the official distributor of Gemma Correll products. And Mama San also stock exclusive Gemma Correll Products in their store. You guys are so lucky, the winner going to sipping a coffee/tea/ hot chocolate in style!


First share this link (or share this post from our Facebook Page or twitter) on your Facebook wall or twitter or email it to your friends. Follow us on Facebook and/or twitter (if you haven’t already) our featured gift sponsor: Mama San on Facebook and/or Mama San on Twitter. Then reply to this post comments below (we’ll also post this link on our Facebook and twitter too so you can reply to them there as well). Then that’s it. You will be in the prize draw at the end of the month. Good luck! 

Exclusive to Mama San – Gemma Correll Pug and Kisses tote



This Pug and Kisses Canvas tote is a collaboration between Gemma Correll and Mama San that is totally exclusive to their online store. Approx measurements: 15″ x 16″. Friend’s of pug lovers, head to Mama San and make their day!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Zebra iPhone Case


Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 16.36.58


Black and white PVC iPhone case from Marc by Marc Jacobs featuring a graphic zebra print and 3D ears at the top. Buy it from Farfetch.

Gold Encircle Me Bunny Bracelet by CHUPI


Gold bunny charm bracelet by Chupi,  The rabbit is made out of 18k gold vermeil and the bracelet is 14k gold.

Chupi hand carves the original, which is then cast in solid sterling silver using an ancient Egyptian method. Each piece is then plated in a thick layer of 18k gold and polished, ready for you to wear and love.

Buy this uber cute bunny bracelet now!

Porcelain and silver bunny necklace

madebymememe Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway


madebymememe bunny

First spotted this on my ex-colleague who totally loves cute stuff. This adorable necklace by Madebymememe features a glazed porcelain bunny and silver necklace. The necklace comes in various lengths. Buy it from: Madebymememe or Madebymememe on Etsy

Porcelain and silver bird necklace, grey bird with white star

bird porcelain necklace

Glazed porcelain bird by me me me in grey with a dangling white star on a 70 cm silver chain.

 Mr Cat Bag in Black By Titina

titina black cat bag Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Super cute Mr. Cat in the bag was create for Titina & made by hand for a mexican artisan.
It is made with great quality synthetic patent leather, lining with black fabric , zipper closure and adjustable cross body strap.
We love this bag so much!

Schnauzer bag


This is a 2-sided dog face print round bag from Benwinewin, even the straps are with the same print. You can see her ears are 3-dimensional, so cute! It is made in synthetic fabric with good colorfastness. It has synthetic fabric lining and zipper closure. There are 1 zipper pocket and 2 smartphone pockets inside.

Benwinewin also product custom pet portrait bag as well with additional cost. We particular like Schnauzer and a Cat bag from their store. Visit them now!

Gold – Nabi Cat Ring with Blue Eyes from The GoldCat


This ring the exact one that I own (Sherry @ Pause). This cat ring is hand made from 14K yellow gold with Sapphire eyes. Reminisce the 80s Art Deco Revival with this ring.  It’s worth every penny and also worth the wait. It is great quality and as pretty as the picture. Go for it, spoil someone (or yourself, haha)! Go to now.

They also make these cute 14K Rose Gold Cat Earrings call Chewy Cat Earrings.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 17.28.54

Rabbit Bag bunny ears – oak wooden handle clutch – by ShopMissElla

Missella bunnybag

We’ve already featured Shopmissella earlier this year, but we want to make sure you all can see her unique animal handbags with wooden handles again. They are super adorable fabric bag with custom laser cut 6mm thick oak veneer handles to form animal ears. There are three different kind of animals bag you can get – bunny, cat or bear. The main part of the bag is made with heavyweight fabric and contrast lining fabric. It’s also fastens up with matching oak veneer heart nose. The one featured above is the pink polka dot Bunny bag.

Sterling Silver Cheetah Ring by Axel Honey

cheetah ring2

Axel Honey is founded by Melissa Contreras is a jewelry designer and illustrator based out of Santa Monica, CA. This Cheetah oxidised sterling silver ring is hand carved using the lost wax technique. Buy it now!

Made to order! allow 3-4 weeks for production.

Animal Rings – Moose antlers, Cat ears, Bunny ears rings



 Acrylic Cat/Bunny/Moose Ring in Black and White by Strangely Yours

Finlay Fox Felt Slippers


Finlay Fox slippers (fair-trade) for children are made of felt using process that is environmentally friendly. These slippers are designed in England and are traditionally made by Nepalese women. Various animals designs are available such as badgers, mouse and sheep. Visit Not on the High Street.

Parade of corgis – set of four corgi dog brooches – by Elizabeth Pawle

corgi pins

These incredibly cute modern minimal hand drawn corgis are illustrated and hand cut by Elizabeth Pawle

Sterling Silver Dormouse Necklace


Sterling Silver dormouse necklace, each pendant is individually moulded from wax then cast in silver. There is silver and rose gold plated version. Visit Emiliy

Donna Wilson – FOX SCARF

fox scarf

fox scarf2 Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway

Quirky fox shaped scarf by Donna Wilson, especially for the animal lovers among you! No foxes were harmed in the making of this scarf. 100% Lambswool, knitted in Scotland, hand embroidered in our studio. Approximately 118cm long x 10cm wide.

There it is our first instalment of Accessories and Jewellery Gift List - Pause Product Cuteness Giveaway. 


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3. Then reply to this post comments below (we’ll also post this link on our Facebook and twitter too so you can reply to them there as well). Then that’s it. You will be in the prize draw at the end of the month. Good luck! 




  1. You have so many beautiful items! I feel all inspired to celebrate this Autumn with a range of accessories inspired by pugs, foxes and other furry friends!

    • Thank you! You are in the mug prize draw now. We are glad you like them! We are complying more lists and will be released soon. Happy Shopping! :-)

  2. That is the cutest mug ever!

    • We are so happy you love the mug as much as we do. You are also now in the prize draw. Good luck! :-)

  3. I want that mug! It is so great! :)

    • It is, isn’t it? Cute!!! You are in the prize draw now. Good luck. :)

  4. oh,
    i love it and hope it’s mine! ;-)


    • Super happy that you love it too. You are in the prize draw now. Good luck!

  5. This would be an awesome belated birthday present!!:D

    • It sure would be. Good luck! :-)

  6. Perfect mug for a pugmaniac like me! I have peppermint hot chocolate ready for it. Hello from across the pond! <3

    • Hello There! Yes, totally! Good luck in the prize draw. :-) <3

  7. Absolutely love the mug and the rest of the items if im honest! Such beautiful and unique designs :)

    • Hello! We are so glad you love the mug and the other goodies. Good luck with the mug prize drawn. You can enter as many prize draw as you like, just share the links and make a comment on the website giveaway posts that you want to win! Happy Sunday! :-)

  8. I love the fox slippers

    • Yes, we love them too. Unfortunately our feet are too big as they are child size only. hehe :-)

    • Did you want to apply for this prize draw too Karen?

  9. I love that little cat ring and my little cousin would look so cute in those tiny fox slippers!

    • They are so lovely, aren’t they? Do you want to enter the prize draw? :-)


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