Alexander Vidal – Beast illustrated

Alexander Vidal – Beast illustrated

Alexander Vidal (Alexander Santillanes) is an illustator and designer based in Los Angeles, USA.  He studied illustration at the Art Center College of Design. He loves india ink, hippopotomai, and dry gin. His favourite drink is Gin & Tonic. (So is ours!)

Alexander Vidal

Vidal loves wild animals and tropical patterns which are both reflected in his work. His work reminds us of the late Charley Harper’s, mixed with 50′s and 60′s styles, and a hint of Mary Blair influence. We love how the illustrations are very playful but with a more sophisticated palette. Vidal’s work also varies in style from the Minimal Realism – with Charley Harper’s influence – to a more detailed watercolours, with outlines. Some of the perspectives of the illustrations are reminiscent of Harper’s angles; we can see that on Southeast Asia by bowl.  We adore both styles of his illustrations.

Alexander Vidal – Beast illustrated and Portfolio


Alexander Vidal


Southeast Asia by Bowl


The pygmy hippo makes his home among the swamps and riverine forests of Sierra Leone and Liberia, where he takes refuge among the reedy waters.

Digital illustration.






Spectacled bears, like the sun bears of Asia and the black bears of northern climes, are highly arboreal, and can easily scale trees. They browse among the branches for bromeliads, a favorite snack, or to avoid confrontation. Once in the trees, spectacled bears will sometimes even build platforms, allowing them to bed down high above the ground.

India ink and chinese brush, combining observed and imagined information.


In English they are known commonly as ‘spectacled bears’ due to the pale markings on their face, which can often circle their eyes like spectacles. The markings on each bear are unique, and can help to distinguish them, and it is not uncommon for a spectacled bear to have no ‘spectacle’ at all.



But more often he stays safely hidden at home, among the lush cloud-forests of the Andes, which is where we shall leave him on our way to another beast.

Cut paper.


The only living relative of the giraffe, the okapi is an elusive forest-dweller native to the jungles of the Congo.

Alexander Vidal






A creature of unusual physical appearance, the echidna is known also as the spiny ant-eater, thanks both to its coat of coarse spines and slender snout, which features a tiny jawless mouth.


Asian Elephant

The social structure of the elephant is the herd. Ruled by a matriarch, the herd is composed of female elephants and their young. This structure provides safety and security, but beyond that, it improves their quality of life. Elephants are very social animals, and they enjoy being around other elephants.


Asian Elephant


Asian Elephant


Pygmy Hippo


The Spectacled Bear (tremarctos ornatus)


Peter Pan / Chapter 6 / The Little House




Arctic Seas


Portrait of the March Hare

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Creatures of the Mountain


South China Sea


Birds of New Guinea



 Winter in the Forest

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