Animal Cracker by Andi Brown

Animal Cracker by Andi Brown

I received a tweet from Andi about her book so I investigated. Sounds fantastic, it’s on my next book to buy list now.Animal Cracker available at Amazon sites around the world. Kindle version coming soon. If Bridget Jones and “The Office” had a baby, it might look something like “Animal Cracker.” In “Animal Cracker,” a bunch of smart women plot to get the goods on their boss at Boston’s venerable Animal Protection Organization. Hal Mason is Brad Pitt-handsome, with a Harvard professor wife and an adorable but shiftless son who wins the heart of Diane Salvi, the organization’s new communications director and the book’s narrator. When Diane lands the job of her dreams, she’s impressed with her new boss, but soon learns that Hal has managed to earn the adulation of the organization’s board of director and the scorn of his staff. As Diane’s suspicions about Hal mount, she enlists some friends in the office, along with her reporter roommate, to investigate if he’s just plain annoying or much, much worse. Diane’s journey is one of a young woman’s drive to create a fulfilling life as she navigates the vagaries of the workplace and tries to find love,all while holding onto her principles. Sounds good, huh? Get your copy ready for Pause holiday read. Buy it now by clicking on Animal Cracker



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