Architecture for dogs – blue prints to gallery worthy homes for dogs

Architecture for dogs – blue prints to gallery worthy homes for dogs

Architecture for Dogs, is a project from thirteen different architects and designers.  They are showing a collection of architecture and new mediums that they use to create unique dog houses and dog accessories. Every project has been styled to compliment each breed of dog and the aim is to make the dogs and their owners happy. Each project offers a free blue print, photos and a video of how to create the amazing dog houses. So if you have decent crafting skills you can certainly recreate those dog houses for your pooch. The architecture for dogs projects range from a dog stroller, a vanity mirror, a Chihuahua bubble suit and a hammock bed, to a fluffy dog house.

Architecture for Dogs

Beagle House Interactive dog house by MVRDV (Ellen Deceuninck / Mick Van Gemert) for Beagles

mvrdv architecture for dogs

Architecture for the Bichon Frise Fluffy dog bed by Kazuyo Sejima for Bichon Frise



No dogs, No life living space for dogs and furniture for people by Sou Fujimoto for Boston Terriers


Chihuahua Cloud by Reiser + Umemoto for Chihuahuas



Architecture for Long-bodied-short-legged dog (for Dachshund Smooth) by Altelier Bow-wow



Wanmock favourite place for Jack Russells to sleep by Torafu Architects for Jack Russell Terriers



Papier Papillon simple assembly can create a maze for your dog, a bed, or even furniture for yourself; by Shigeru Ban for Papillon


Mount Pug playground for you dogs by Kengo Kuma for Pugs


Mobile home for Shiba a dog stroller for those rainy or hot days and older dogs by Toyo Ito for Shiba Inu

toyo-ito architecture for dogs


Dog Cooler dedicated to Pepe to cool down long-haired breeds on a hot day; by Hiroshi Naito for Spitz


Paramount because Toy poodles actually are self-aware; by Konstantin Grcic for Toy Poodles


Pointed T paper dog home by Hara Design Institute for Japanese Terriers


D-TUNNEL modifying scales by Kenya Hara for Teacup Poodles


The Gallery exhibition for “Architecture for Dogs” will be at TOTO Gallery Ma at Tokyo Minato’s Ward from October 25 to December 21. If you are any where near then you should definitely head down there. As for us, we’ll have to see which of the creations is the easiest and maybe have a go at making it! You can check out the video and blue prints here: ”Architecture for Dogs

VIA Rocket NewsArchitecture for Dogs

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IMAGES VIA:  Architecture for Dogs

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