Bass Dogs – What’s just happened here?!

August 12, 2013 in CUTE PICTURES, NEWS by admin


Before we start… non of this would probably wouldn’t make any sense. So if you are sensible and looking to understand what this is, don’t continue ahead as this doesn’t make sense what so ever. But we love it!! Bass Dogs is a brain child of Michael M based in Scotland. His website features a photo collection of super cute dogs were photoshoped on to replace the bass of the world famous bassists. Also any one can submit new photos to Michael M of finished or unfinished photos.

These are some of our favourites Bass Dogs:

bass dogsSir Paul McCartney :Bass dog

gene simmons bass dogsGene Simmons :Bass Dog

weezer bass dogsWeezer :Bass Dog

sting bass dogSting :Bass Dog

jimmy sims bass dogsJimmy Sims :Bass dog

flea bass dogFlea :Bass Dog

daftpunk bassDaftpunk:Bass Dog

Images via Bass Dogs

Via Laughing Squid