CatAcademy can help us learn languages better with cute cat pictures

CatAcademy can help us learn languages better with cute cat pictures

CatAcademy can improve our ability to memorise foreign phases. We all know and love internet cats like Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, Sir Stuffington, keyboard cat and other hilarious cats. Now CatAcademy is actually utilising our love of cute internet cat pictures to help us learn new languages.  It’s scientifically silly, cute but also an effective language-learning game. The Cat Spanish CatAcademy App has been created by the Memrise Team which was founded by a Princeton Neuroscientist and a Grandmaster of Memory.

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“In 2012, the Memrise team wanted to know what kinds of “mems” -visual mnemonics- were most effective at helping people to learn fast while simultaneously enjoying learning. The pattern began to emerge that pictures of cats always featured disproportionately among the most effective mems. Upon further research, the team discovered this data is supported by wider scientific findings, for example, “cuteness” improves cognitive function.” said Memrise Founders

buenas noches

la cuenta por favor CatAcademy


Memrise research shows that we can memorise things better if we are using corresponding visuals, especially if they are cat pictures. Also some cuteness goes a long way. Sometimes as you get older it’s harder to decide to take on a challenge of learning a whole new language. We can see that Cat Spanish can also serve as a platform for people to try learning before taking a whole new language course. But we still think it’s great little app to use before going travelling. Cat Spanish works by getting the users to learn to associate each phase with a carefully chosen cute cat picture that has a similar meaning to the phase. Simply tap the cat with a Spanish Phase underneath, the English translation appears. Of course if your teacher is that cute, you’ll surely remember everything. After learning the phases with the cats, you get a revision test for each section.

estoy muy bien

quiero vomitar

People have different ways of learning – some people are auditory learners some are visual and some are kinaesthetic learners while some prefer auditory digital. We are visual learners so we certainly think that Cat Spanish can really help us learn faster. Language course typically come as tapes or MP3s. Now there are also videos but none of these consist of cute cats.

quiero tomar un cafe CatAcademy catspanish

basta multi choice

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We are going to Spain soon, so we have just tried the CatAcademy – Cat Spanish app and we can say that it’s way more interesting than the traditional way of learning. We did the first part and it is a simple and fantastic little app! We’ll have to see how effective it is in the restaurants and cafes of Barcelona then update the post later. If you have tried the app, leave the comment to so we can see how you got on with it. We can’t wait for CatAcademy to release Cat Japanese soon. Buy the Cat Spanish App.

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